55 EUR
Artem Pivovarov
07 June

Artem Pivovarov

55 EUR

Tvornica Kulture
Šubićeva ul. 2

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About the show

Artem Pivovarov concert in Zagreb!

We invite you to a live concert of the Ukrainian performer, a true creator of musical trends, a talented artist and sound producer who wins the hearts of listeners with his unique hits - Artem Pivovarov! On June 7 in Zagreb, you will be able to fully experience the musical world and energy of the performer, because each of his compositions is a journey into the world of sounds and emotions that fascinates and impresses.

Live performance by Artem Pivovarov at Tvornica Kulture!

You have the opportunity to hear live your favorite hits "Маніфест", "Думи", "Ой на горі" and many other compositions that touch you to the core.

This evening will be unforgettable, because Artem Pivovarov has a unique style that sets him apart from other artists. He combines modern sound, deep lyrics and bright energy to create an incredible mixture that charges you with fantastic emotions!

Enjoy the incredible music and extraordinary performance, buy tickets for Artem Pivovarov's concert on our website today, so you won't miss his performance in Zagreb.

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Songs by Artem Pivovarov:

  • “Тріолет”

  • “Там у тополі”

  • “До весни”

  • “Минають дні, минають ночі”

  • “Радісно”

  • “Валторна”